Let the celebrations begin! 

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With New Years rounding the corner, I am getting a little nervous!! 

It's coming up so fast- 2 days! And this girl has NO plans yet.  I better get on the move right?? 

All I do know is I would love some leather pants to wear the break in 2012! 

With some fabulous sequin top.  New Years attire for sure! 
Now... to make some plans! 

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Step one: combat boots.. CHECK

Step two: this length sock... TO DO! 



lack of understanding; uncertainty 



I have taken a particular liking to these high-low skirts! 
And thanks to Santa, I am now a proud owner myself. 

I feel kind of special though because my skirt turned out to be a recycled piece.  By recycled I mean, the owner of a local boutique takes old vintage pieces and A. keeps them as is or B. if the style is just all wrong she will take the fabric and turn it into something fabulous.  I love it!! So creative! 

Check out her store here!!

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I absolutely LOVE this!! 

The class of the holiday decor is perfect! Makes me think of a winter wonderland.
And can we just check out the chevron wall.. I think I'll say it again.. LOVE!! 

Yup.. definitely will have all of this going on in my house- you know.. that imaginary one that I do not have yet! 


Another post about big hair... Um.. Yes! 

My opinion- you can never have too many tips on how to get that perfect big hair.  So here is yet another.. 

When using rollers, hold section of hair 120 degree angle to the scalp. This way the roller will rest above the part, causing the hair to extend up from the scalp creating INSANE volume. 


All I have to say is THANK YOU SANTA!!!!! 

So, I have been up since 5:30 AM.  We could not stand it any longer! My niece and I laid in bed as long as we could and were so anxious we just had to wake the house up to run to see what Santa had left for us! 

I have jeggins and skinny jeans running out the ying yang. And so many cute tops I cannot even decide what to wear today! I ended up with 3 new pairs of boots to add to my collection.  The only thing left that I could possibly need is a much larger closet! I will say my niece got a bop-it and a pogo stick and I think I may be more excited about them than she is!! Oh AND the whole family got in-line roller blades! What a workout that will be! 

While we are all blessed in the fact that we all received everything we could possibly have asked for,  we cannot forget the real reason for the season! The most important blessing of all is the birthday of Jesus Christ! And we cannot praise his name enough! Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for everything you bless us with on a daily basis!
 My cup runneth over!! 

Well, I am off to assist my niece in her skating skills! And hope we do not break anything!.... bones that is! After all we do have quite a few more festivities to attend today and a hospital visit is not in the itinerary!  

Merry Christmas to all!! 


Merry Christmas Eve!!!

The time is finally here! Well I guess I shouldn't say finally considering I feel like Christmas has completely snuck up on me.  But anyway! Nontheless, it is here.  

I wish I could say that today was going to consist of relaxing and sitting by a warm cozy fire sipping coffee and gazing at the Christmas tree lights.. BUT that is just not the case! I still have to make one last trip to fight the crowd- love being a last minute shopper.  I know I said I had everything done a few days ago... well there always seems to be just ONE last thing I have to go pick up.  Never fails! But that's okay.  At least I am in the holiday spirit now.  Better late than never right?? 

Once I have all the errand running finished (which will hopefully be very quick and painless), let the festivities begin!! One big happy crazy LOUD Italian family crammed into one house! What could be more exciting?? Yeah.. I couldn't come up with anything either! 

Then off to bed early.. Santa is already making his rounds... HELLO... 
I can already here the jingle bells! I am worse than my nine year old niece! I am expecting we will be up no later than 5AM! 
Confession:  I am usually the one to wake her up on Christmas morning.. Yes. I'm still a child! 

Well I am off to brave the stores! Wish me luck that I make it back in one piece! 

Happy HO HO everyone!! 



I need to add these to my Santa list ASAP! 


I need more outfits like this.. 
Meaning comfy and warm. And more importantly stylish! 


Well it's no secret that I have had quite the experience trying to come up with what to buy everyone for Christmas.  I mean I have only attempted to Christmas shop about 10 times now.

AND it's no secret that any shop-a-holic can form a wish list right?? So over the last few outings I have racked up quite the little list of shoes that I really hope Santa leaves for me! 

Just for starters... 
Of course the list goes on, but this is just to give you an idea of what's on my mind this season. 

And all of these are under $100.00.  I do what I can to help St. Nick out! 

Okay that's it!! I can mark Christmas shopping off of my to-do list! 
That's right! I am finally finished.  I went out to day and hit the stores hard and got every one taken care of! 
Thank goodness.
The above picture pretty much sums everything up! 

My Christmas tree looks much happier now! Which makes me much happier.  Definitely in the Christmas spirit!  



Okay so,  I absolutely love Rachel McAdams! 
But can we discuss this hair.  
I'm always looking for tricks to pump up the volume and while skimming through tfs I came across a link to get this hair! 


Velco rollers in various sizes
Volumizing mousse 
Extra hold hairspray 
Fine tooth comb for teasing 


1. Wash your hair with a product that works well for you - volumizing or curl enhancing products, skipping the conditioner is a good idea if your hair is stubborn when it comes to bend.

2. Run a dime size amount of volumizing/ curl enhancing mousse through wet hair (pay attention to those ends), then blow dry with a round brush lifting at the roots.
Personal tip: while using a round brush blow dry hair the opposite way of which it is to fall

3. While hair is still warm place your rollers.  Gently tease the underside as your go.  Use medium sized rollers for the front and large ones for the crown and back to get the max volume. 

4. After rollers are set, spritz with extra hold hairspray, then blast with hair dryer for about 30 seconds. 

5. Once set and cooled, take rollers out and shake it out! Finish with another spritz from the hairspray bottle. (you may also use a 1 in curling iron to add some finishing touches)

Hope this helps bring your hair from flat to fab! I'm thinking I need to head out to invest in some velcro rollers.. What about you? 

Pink and Red??

Hmm.. Don't mind if I do! 



Hello again friends! I'm finally back.  Between birthday parties, Christmas parties, TRYING to get some Christmas shopping done, and family baking day.... Well I haven't had much blogging time! 

However, Thursday my mom hosted an Ornament swap for all us girls.  It was so much fun! I mean come on- wine, food, and friends- can you really go wrong?? Plus leaving with a pretty ornament for the tree, can't get better than that.  We did not manage to get any group shots but I did snap a few pictures with my phone but with the Christmas lights, they did not turn out to well.. but I will just tell you, it looked like Santa's little workshop! Red, green, and glitter EVERYWHERE! 

My contribution to the food table..


I am not going to lie.. I did sit down on the couch with the leftovers and a spoon! I couldn't help myself.  It was SO good! And super easy to make! 


8oz cream cheese softened 
1/2 cup of unsalted butter
3/4 cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla 
1 cup mini chocolate chips 
Graham cracker sticks or teddy grahams 


1. Beat cream cheese and butter until smooth
2. Add sugars and vanilla 
3. Stir in chocolate chips 
4. Refrigerate until ready to serve 

See Super easy!! And delicious! 


Okay so I know I have been a complete failure this week!! 
But I swear  I have some posts for you, however, right now I have one foot out the door to give round 2 of my Christmas shopping a go.  

I just must mention first though.. I have a pair of cowboy boots that have leopard inside.. isn't it amazing how one single animal print can just put you in the best mood and kick you right into the shopping spirit!! 
My suggestion- wear one leopard item everyday!! 

I will be back soon!! Hopefully with gifts! 


Like... seriously! 


Well better late then never right?? 

So yesterday I mentioned that I finally made it out Christmas shopping.  And I also mentioned that the only thing I really got out of it was finding numerous things to add to my own Santa list.  Well for this Wednesday I thought  I would share my new obsession! 

That's right.   I finally found my purse! Isn't she pretty? 
If you remember me talking about my purse situation a while back, this has been a long journey to finding that perfect bag! The old faithful that I have been toting around has seen much better days! As a matter of fact, I believe her 6th birthday is coming up this summer.  And while she is still kicking, I think it is time to upgrade.  So while shopping... for others.... I found this little baby at our local Lucky store.  And well.. I have been obsessing over it ever since.  

Santa! This is not just a want.. this is a NEEEEEED!!! Please Oh Pretty Please leave one under my tree this Christmas!! 


Today is my best friend's birthday!! 

So for just a second I want to give a little birthday shout out to Lindsey King!! I'm so happy to have you in my life! I honestly do NOT know what I would do without you! I mean who would I squeal at bar tenders with, or who would join in on a happy food dance?? I mean this life I live would just be straight up boring without you! I truly am proud to call you my bestie!! Happy Birthday love!! This will be one for the books! And I promise to only call you old... 3 more times..  then I'll be done! Swear! 

Sorry.. just a little sappy birthday mention! But now as for the birthday bash plans.. well we are having a cook out with all of our friends and then hitting the town! Hopefully I will remember to take pictures to share! If you haven't figured it out yet, I am the worst at being the "picture taker" but I will do my best!! 

Hope everyone is having a delightful Tuesday! Oh yeah.. and just by the way- I actually did some Christmas shopping today! Aren't you proud?? 
Well hold off on the high 5's because the only thing I accomplished was finding out exactly what all I want for Christmas.. I told myself I would not be selfish, so I did NOT buy anything but man oh man.. I could have gotten into some trouble!! I did snap a few pics of some things for my mom though... meaning so she will know exactly what it is I want.  So.. looks like another outing is in order. UGH! 

I will be more successful next go around- I hope! 


You Stud You! 

I'm in-love with this!! 
As soon as I saw this it reminded me of a tutorial I came across when catching up in the blog world.

You are all going to just go crazy over this one.  Especially if this studded jacket makes your heart flutter, as it does mine! 

So for you DIY-ers out there, let's jump on this! 

What You Will Need: 
X-Acto knife (to make small holes)
Blouse (may want to start with one you are willing to part with-just in case)

Step1: pick a pattern you like for your studs
Step2: poke a small hole and punch the base of stud through

Step3: tighten top of stud and repeat

Super easy!! This is a must try! 

And for some further inspiration..... 

This tutorial was originally posted by Cheetah Is The New Black.  However, I came across it via Amanda Claire Harden.  If I could just make a suggestion... browse through both! They are great!! 

Happy studding my friends!! 


Happy Sunday! 

Today I have been extremely unproductive and it has felt wonderful! 
My day has consisted of football, family, and ALOT of lounging around.  Just what I needed after a night out with friends. 

Now enough about my laziness.

So I know that we are in the full swing of the holidays now and it would be an understatement to say everyone will be a little stressed! At least for me it would be an understatement.  Like I mentioned I have not bought the first present!! Ah.. just thinking about it makes me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack! 
Needless to say we could all use some stress relieving techniques and some order to this madness we create.

It's no secret that I am an avid "pinner"and while I was browsing through Pinterest I found a blog post on 55 ways to take care of yourself when you're busy from The Freedom Experiment

A few tips I will definitely be taking up: 
Get enough sleep
Make a plan for everything that needs to be done
Write a worry list 
Do something silly (this is a must)
Accept a little clutter and mess 
Gather your support group
Delegate (I'm great at this!)
Resist the urge to be productive all the time (consider it done)
Block out distractions (easier said than done)
Accept yourself as you are! 

For all you stressful ladies out there.... you should definitely check out the list! If you don't take care of yourself, you really aren't doing anyone any good! 
And remember it's the HOLIDAYS.  Time for fun and cheer, family and friends! So laugh, have fun, and remember what this time of year is really all about! 

Now, I'm back to my Sunday night plans- more lounging and movie watching! 
Hope everyone has had a great Sunday and is ready to start another week (yuck!). 


I wish I could pull a head scarf off! 

I'm going to work on it. 

Hello my long lost friends! 

Okay so maybe I have been the lost one.  But now worries, I have just wrapped up my fourth semester of nursing school and put it away! So I am officially back! And I do promise better and more informative posts. PINKY PROMISE! 

So now that I am free, I plan on spending as much time as possible with my friends and loved one and creating as many craft projects as I can from Pinterest.  Doesn't that sound fun! Of course it does!  I can finally start to get into the Christmas spirit.  Which along with making Christmas goodies, involves shopping of course.  Which this girl has not bought the first Christmas present, and that makes me EXTREMELY nervous.  Usually by this time I have already purchased all of my gifts and have even started to re-buy for some people because the fact that I had already bought for them had slipped my mind.  Which usually just meant Merry Christmas.. to ME! 

And can I just mention the weather! Thank goodness it is finally starting to feel like Christmas.  It is so hard to get into the spirit in 80 degree weather.  It's time to start busting out the chunky sweaters, leg warmers, and fur and I cannot be more happy about it! 

Well happy Friday everyone!! I will be back shortly! 



The Aspirin Mask: 

What You Will Need: 
2-3 uncoated/lightly coated aspirin
and water 

How To: 
Dissolve aspirin in a few drops of water (you can use a bowl or just do it in your hand) 
Once chalky paste is formed apply to face
Let sit for about 5 min and rinse 

Why Aspirin?? 
Salicylic Acid helps to clean out the pores and also helps to battle acne.

I found this on Pinterest and could not wait to share with all of you.  I will definitely be trying this.  So easy and inexpensive.  I mean why not???


So Friday night we had our Tacky Christmas/Dirty Santa part! 
We had so much fun!! So as promised, here is a little peak at what we had going on.. 

So these were all taken on my phone.  Please excuse the quality.  However, as you can see we had some tacky ones for sure! I wish I had taken more pictures so you all could have a clear understanding of how silly everyone really looked.  But for now this will give you an idea! 

From the battery powered Christmas lights to the endless amounts of tinsel and hideous grandma sweaters, we all had a blast! And needless to say I think everyone is in the full swing of the Christmas spirit!