Oh boy.... So I know I always say I'm back into the blogging world.  But... I just have to say once again... I've had quite a bit going on..

This handsome fella below says it all! 

Yep! That's right! Baby #2 is on the way!! Lord Help us!! 


That's right.... I'm a married woman now! 

Okay so I know you see post after post after post about girls marrying "their best friend" blah blah blah! Well here's one more for you! 

Exactly one week ago today I married my best friend.  He is my support, my humor, my calm, my love.  And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my years with him! 

Our wedding was exactly as I imagined and I could not have asked for a better family or more loving friends than the ones that came out and celebrated our big day with us! We had an absolute blast and  I really cannot think of one thing that I would change! 

Did I mention that it RAINED on our wedding day.. like the entire wedding... but ya know.. I wouldn't even change that!! 

Here are just a few pictures from different friends from our big day! And no worries.. as I get our actual pictures back from our photographer I will definitely share! 

Happy Friday y'all!!!! 


I'm not sure if I let all of you in on the little tid bit that I, along with some of my closest friends, was heading off to the beach over the weekend for my Bachelorette trip.....

No worries.. I have some pictures for your viewing pleasure! 

I have to say, I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for! We stayed in the most AM-AAZZING condos and oh did they treat me right this weekend!! 

We arrived Friday afternoon, made a mad dash through the grocery story and then hurried on to the condo. Our first night was a low key night.  We stayed in and hung out in the hot tub (did I mention we had one on our balcony..).  Later that night all the girls set up for a lingerie party all without me seeing a thing! Sneaky Sneaky! But it was absolutely perfect!! I'm going to have to round up some pictures of the decor for y'all to see.  They had everything decorated just right! And my cake.. well words can't describe! 

After a long day on the beach Saturday we came up and got dressed for our night out.  Dinner plans were made at Cobalt. I definitely recommend this place to anyone! The atmosphere was so fun! After dinner we headed back to the condo to "re-group"... AKA change our identities! 

Meet Veronica Monica
Yep.. That's me!! In all my rainbow haired glory! Of course we had to make a trip to the FloraBama.. I mean... that was just a must! And yes... a dance on the stage was arranged! 

Needless to say, I had the BEST weekend! I could not have asked for a better "last fling before the ring"! 

And just to let y'all know, I half way thought of saving all this for Wedding Wednesday.. but I just couldn't hold on to it any longer... You're Welcome!! 

Have a great Monday y'all!!! 


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We were mighty busy.. but those are stories for another post! Because this is WEDDING WEDNESDAY! Unfortunately a very short Wedding Wednesday.. 

So yesterday was my first dress fitting! I know it's cutting it a little close.. and don't worry the alterations lady was not shy about explaining the "RUSH" fee to me! 
Anyway.. I make it just a tad late to my appointment (of course).  I have my shoes in hand and the ladies ask me okay so you brought your bra and slip with you too right?
Oh wait.... bra?? slip?? hmmm.... nope...

But no worries. They were also not shy about helping me find one of each for purchase! 

After a full hour of standing in my wedding heals (which we will talk more about next Wednesday),  my dress is all pinned and ready for alterations. 

 Now hopefully we can accomplish at least one thing:  Don't trip down the isle! 

And for just a little reveal about the dress.... LAYERS.  That is all I will give you! 

Have a great Wednesday y'all! And be sure to check back with us tomorrow for some updates at Fringe!! 

Sometimes you just have to take a moment to appreciate the finer things! 

I'm not sure what your take is on the whole Fine China thing (because I feel like many people are steering away from even registering for fine china these days)... However, my take- It's a must! 

So, as I was registering for our wedding gifts, I made it to the fine china and was SOOOO overwhelmed.  Do you pick neutral china?  Do you pick a bold patter? Do you keep with the simple styles that have been around for years and years and years???

It is a lot tougher to decide these decisions than you might would think!  I NEVER thought I would be standing.. then pacing back and forth down the wall with a bazillion china patters elegantly lit with back lighting for... oh... you know.... 45 minutes (or longer). But I was totally that person! Keep in mind, one thing that made it even harder was the fact that I was battling my mother the whole time.  Listening to her explain how fine china was a waste "You will NEEEVVVVEEERRRR use it! Do  not even register for that!!" Blah Blah Blah! Talk to the hand! (yes... I did just say that!).  Fine china is a keep sake and is cherished and I will be that grandmother one day to pass it down (even if it's "out of style" by then)! PERIOD!

Well anyways, off my soap box now.. So yesterday evening I made it home to a pleasant surprise awaiting me!  We received our FIRST place setting of our fine china!! I was so excited!! 

Meet Wedgewood's Renaissance Gold! 

As you can see... I didn't stick with the simple! I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it and no matter how many other beautiful patterns I looked at, I just kept coming back to this one! 

Come on ladies... Of course you know when you've found THE ONE!! Right?

24 DAYS!!!!!!


Just so you guys can get a little head start... Here is just a little sneak peek of a few of the items that will be posted at Fringe this evening!!! Stop by! 

And keep in mind.. our GIVEAWAY will end tomorrow!! Don't forget to share to qualify!! 


Okay so I know I mentioned this in an earlier post.. BUT I just thought I would say it again... just in case y'all didn't quite get it the first time! 

Fringe Boutique is a shop that I have started.  For now we are going the Facebook rout but hopefully soon we will have our very own on-line shop! 

At Fringe you will find some fab handbags and jewelry for any and all occasion! And not to worry, there's something for everyone! AND just so you know... I have my eyes on some great tops, dresses, and shoes for the shop!! SOOOO help us grow so I can bring all these great items to you!! 

Here's another little secret (that with your help hopefully won't be a secret much longer!!)
At Fringe we are doing our very first GIVEAWAY!! 

On Wednesday we will be giving away this gem right here!!  

IF we can make it 50 likes on our facebook page!! 

How to qualify?? I'll tell ya! 
1. LIKE and SHARE our facebook page!! 
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That's it! 

So get to sharing laddies!!!! 
2 days left!

Just a few words to start this new week with! 
Over this weekend I caught myself thinking about things.  And all of a sudden a light bulb went off.  I was thinking about everything I wish was different.... at our home, at my fiance's job, even with myself.. and then I stopped myself... do you know how much energy it takes to be negative? or to constantly be looking for something to change?? 

Well I will just tell you... a WHOLE lot! 
So to start this week off I think I will try to be a wee bit more positive and look at all the blessings I have!! 

How will you start your week? 

Happy Monday y'all!!!! 

*Image take from Pinterest